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ammouncement-iconFerry Brook Rifle Team Sign-upsSAT, SEPT 12th 8:30AM

Developing Skills Necessary for Rifle Marksmanship
Ethics – Responsibility – Safety – Sportsmanship

Boys and girls ages 10-19 welcome! Students and parents must attend safety information briefing at the CCSSEF clubhouse.

NRA Basic Pistol Class (2 day Session)
Sunday, Sept 27th 9AM – 2:30PM
Sunday, Oct 4th 9AM – 2:30PM

Whether you are a beginner shooter or simply want to be safe around firearms, this intimidation-free and safety-oriented course is great for all skill levels. In this 10-hours, low student/instructor ratio class, you will learn: Safe handling of most pistol types; Firearm and ammunition parts and operation; Proper storage and cleaning; Shooting fundamentals and live fire practice. Cost is $100 for CCF&G members, $120 for non-members.  Includes materials, use of pistol and ammunition. SEE FLYER FOR MORE INFORMATION or contact Sophie Chapman @ 603-315-5838 to reserve.


Sunday, October 18th

All Ranges will be closed on Sunday, Oct 18th from 8am-3pm for our annual  range clean-up day. We will concentrate on brush cutting and weed wacking all burms first and then edges of the driveway and parking areas.  Volunteers with any questions can email Jack Commerford or call 603-762-4707. Equip Needed: brush cutters, weed wackers, loppers, chainsaws, eye and ear protection and work gloves. If you participate in Rec Pistol, we’ll be cleaning out and re-organizing our storage shed.


Upcoming Event at CCSSEF.22 Sniper Match, 10/4

All the fun of shooting a .308 at a 1000 yards without the expense or the walking! 22_sniper_match-2
Hone your precision shooting skills with targets from 25 to 200 yards. This fast growing form of competition allows you to be competitive with almost any .22lr repeating rifle…as long as you know your gun. Bring 100 rounds of ammo, bipod/sandbag, and a shooting mat. Registration and ‘sighting in’ starts at 8:00 a.m. The match begins at 9:00 a.m. The cost is $5.00 for members and $10.00 for non-members. Call Mark Timney at 603-321-2213 for more information. (The 200 yard range will be closed until 11:30 a.m. during this match.)


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Important Notice Reminders

Please remember that according to the CCF&G Range Rules, eye and ear Protection are required on all ranges for both shooters and spectators. Safety glasses and disposable ear protection are available for purchase in the vending machine located in the clubhouse.

The main gate may be left open while you are using the CCF&G Club facilities. Make certain that, if you are the first person to open the gate, you secure the gate in the full open position by attaching the rope on each side of the gate to their respective retaining poles. If you are the last person to leave the CCF&G facilities, make sure that you lock the gate behind you.

Clubhouse Door and Gate

Current members have the combination that will unlock the clubhouse, as well as the gate. Instructions are on the bulletin board by the front door.

 Check this out at CCSSEF National Shooting Sports Foundation

Please check out the National Shooting Sports Foundation Firearms Safety Initiative
by clicking on their logo below. The Club is an affiliate of the NSSF and we support this program.
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