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What's happening this week at CCSSEFHighlights of upcoming activities.
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Upcoming Event at CCSSEFBlue-U Stand Your Ground Class this Friday at 6PM

Any person who carries concealed should take this class AT LEAST ONCE! Learn the details of NH firearms and stand your ground laws as well as how to interact with law enforcement when legally carrying a firearm. Seminar will provide you with what you need to know and how you need to think before using any force on another human being, as well as what you will need to be able to articulate should you ever find yourself in that unfortunate position. Taught by Lt Terry Choate and Detective Joe Hileman of the Jaffrey Police Dept. Learn more here. $40 members or $50 non-members. Walk-ins welcome. Bring a friend.

Upcoming Event at CCSSEFFamily Day is Back | Annual Swap Meet – by Lori Catozzi Cook

Mark your calendars… After a 4 year absence, Family Day is back! Family Day 2015 will be held at the Cheshire County Fish & Game Club on Saturday, August 1st from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. On this day, the club welcomes the public to come and try a variety of shooting activities. And the wonderful thing about this event is that Family Day has something for everyone – young and old. VIEW FLYER HERE.

Rifles, pistols, black powder, trap, running deer, and many other stations will be available to try at minimal costs. Archery and BB stations will be set up for people to try for free. And no event is complete without food, so the barbecue grill will be all fired up. During this event, the Annual Sports Equipment Swap will also be held on the grounds. VIEW SWAP MEET FLYER HERE.

For those members who see this as an opportunity to give some of your time to the club, we could always use more volunteers to help make this event a success. Please notify Lori Cook at advertising@ccfandg.org or call 603-852-0119.

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CCSSEF NewsSummer 2015 Gunsmoke Newsletter has just been released.
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 Upcoming Event at CCSSEF

13th Annual Safari Shoot – August 9 (rain or shine)

The 13th Annual Safari Shoot will take place on Sunday, August 9th at 9:00am sharp right here at the Cheshire County Fish & Game Club. Cost is $25 per shooter. Targets include standing elephant, rising buffalo and running lion. Trophies, prizes and tons of fun. Don’t have an elephant gun? We have a .458 Win Mag you can use. Download flyer here or call Jean Goodell at 603-239-9915 for details.  Jean also runs a Facebook page on the Safari shoot where you can brag how well you are going to do and psych out fellow competitors! Even if you don’t care to shoot, come and enjoy as a spectator – it’s cheaper than flying to Africa!

Important Notice Reminders

Please remember that according to the CCF&G Range Rules, eye and ear Protection are required on all ranges for both shooters and spectators. Safety glasses and disposable ear protection are available for purchase in the vending machine located in the clubhouse.

The main gate may be left open while you are using the CCF&G Club facilities. Make certain that, if you are the first person to open the gate, you secure the gate in the full open position by attaching the rope on each side of the gate to their respective retaining poles. If you are the last person to leave the CCF&G facilities, make sure that you lock the gate behind you.

Clubhouse Door and Gate

Current members have the combination that will unlock the clubhouse, as well as the gate. Instructions are on the bulletin board by the front door.


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