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Have some extra guns, magazines, optics, parts, holsters, reloading supplies, hunting gear or other stuff you want to sell? We will be implementing a FREE Classified Section on our website where members (only) can list items for sale to other members. You will be able to post your items for up to 30 days along with pictures and detailed descriptions. All transactions would be between the seller and buyer and the classified section should only be considered a portal for you to list or peruse items for sale.

THANKS to Lori Cook for volunteering to administer the CCFandG Classified Section.  We’ll keep you posted when the classifieds are ready to post. In the meantime, start cleaning out your stuff!

Check this out at CCSSEFHis & Hers Glock Raffle
Win both Glock 19 & 43 Raffle

Win both of these awesome Glock 9mm pistols w/Cerakote gun coating provided by Highlander Arms of Spofford, NH. Tickets are only $5 each. View flyer and be sure to get your tickets – while they last. Proceeds to fund Indoor Range Project. Complete contest rules here.

Poster on wall at Highlander Arms
Poster on wall at Highlander Arms

Upcoming Event at CCSSEFAPRIL 23 & 24, 2016
$600 plus ammunition
View Flyer Here

Why are we putting up a notice now? All too often we buy guns but never invest in training.  We are responsible for every round that comes out of our gun, at all times. In this advanced class, taught by Rob Pincus himself, students practice shooting positions from all plausible angles while standing, seated kneeling, prone or supine as well as properly shooting around cover… and much more! You may think the cost of this course is steep, but the value is priceless! Start saving now…

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Important Notice Reminders

Please remember that according to the CCF&G Range Rules, eye and ear Protection are required on all ranges for both shooters and spectators. Safety glasses and disposable ear protection are available for purchase in the vending machine located in the clubhouse.

The main gate may be left open while you are using the CCF&G Club facilities. Make certain that, if you are the first person to open the gate, you secure the gate in the full open position by attaching the rope on each side of the gate to their respective retaining poles. If you are the last person to leave the CCF&G facilities, make sure that you lock the gate behind you.

Clubhouse Door and Gate

Current members have the combination that will unlock the clubhouse, as well as the gate. Instructions are on the bulletin board by the front door.

 Check this out at CCSSEF National Shooting Sports Foundation

Please check out the National Shooting Sports Foundation Firearms Safety Initiative
by clicking on their logo below. The Club is an affiliate of the NSSF and we support this program.
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