Action_Pistol-Logo-webAction Pistol is the foundation’s way of introducing a variety of pistol competitions to the region. Matches and practices are held at CCSSEF during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Matches are usually the third Saturday of each month and practices are on Wednesday evenings. The times may change depending upon further range development at the foundation. In short, the shoots are similar to IDAP, USPSA, Steel Challenge and 3-Gun-type events. See foundation calendar for specific dates and times.

Our typical Action Pistol matches are based upon International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) rules. The matches are designed to help individuals develop familiarity and competency with their handgun during simulated, “real world” self-defense scenarios. No special firearms are needed. The rules require stock or near-stock handguns, so you can compete with what you ‘carry.’

And since CCSSEF’s events occur in a far less competitive environment than actual IDPA matches, participants have the opportunity to learn from other shooters during an event. Even new shooters, responsible teenagers (with supervision) and those with physical challenges can fully participate. (New shooters should try to attend one or more Wednesday practices or one of our introductory classes before they participate in a match.)

Participants not only develop skills which can help them defend themselves and protect others, they learn how to safely use handguns in a variety of situations under the close supervision of range safety officers. Action Pistol stresses weapon familiarity, target identification (“threats” vs. “non-threats”), rapid engagement of targets, accurate fire, quick reloads, and safe movement with a firearm.

What ‘gear’ do you need? Just about any centerfire pistol is fine. You will also need three magazines (four speed loaders for a revolver), a way to carry two of the magazines (or three speed loaders), and a holster for the gun. (Please note that you cannot use a ‘behind-the-back,”drop leg,’ ‘race’ or shoulder holster. You MAY use an appendix carry holster with special permission.) You’ll also need a ‘cover garment’ to wear to conceal your firearm. A coat works, but in the summer months a vest is a better choice. Also, you’ll need to bring at least 100 rounds of ammo to shoot a typical match.