To help you get excited about returning to the
range, here is some new apparel.

There are three different items in this initial batch:

  1. 1/4 zip sweatshirts in Navy and
    Forest Green (not shown), sizes – S/M/L/XL
    $40.00 each
  2. Hats in Navy and Forest Green
    (not shown)
    $20.00 each
  3. Traditional Grey sweatshirts in
    sizes – L/XL (not shown)
    $25.00 each

The grey traditional sweatshirts have the same
embroidered logo, in navy blue, as the 1/4 zip sweatshirts

Check ’em out:


Now for the Covid Challenge. How to buy and pick up
these beauties??

Here is our process:

  1. Call or email me to purchase
    (see contact info below)
  2. We will discuss:
    1. Payment (Check or cash, I
      am not at the range office so I cannot take credit cards)
    2. Delivery options
  3. Orders should be
    available the Saturday after you place the order

Seems like a pretty complicated process, but COVID 19 and all that it has caused is pretty bizarre!
If orders exceed my current supply or if you require a size that I don’t have, I will immediately order more and notify you when they are ready.


Peter Crowell
General Manager
Ferry Brook Range
PO Box 233
Keene, NH 03431