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The 2024 Spring Pistol Raffle is here

30 Guns in 30 Days.
One gun every day in the month of June.

But you need to get a raffle ticket!
Only 1000 tickets will be sold
Winning tickets are returned to the bin
Someone could, theoretically, win all 30 guns!

Tickets can be purchased at the range during office hours, during Saturday membership hours, from Board members, from your favorite seller of past raffles, and at certain retail locations which will be noted in future emails.

Raffle Rules

Here are the Pistols for the Raffle

Draw DateWinning NumberPistols for the 2024 Pistol Raffle
June 1, 2024485Beretta 3032 TOMCAT 32ACP
June 2, 2024311Bond Stinger 9MM 3
June 3, 2024226FN 509C 9M
June 4, 2024390Glock G19 9MM
June 5, 2024379Heritage Barkeep 22LR
June 6, 2024477Ruger 5430 LCRx 38SP+P
June 7, 2024140Ruger 2003 Wrangler 22LR
June 8, 2024422Ruger EC9S 9mm GRY/BLK
June 9, 2024860S&W Bodyguard 38spl
June 10, 2024710S&W M638 38spl
June 11, 2024281S&W M&P Shield 9mm
June 12, 2024541Springfield Hellcat 9mm
June 13, 2024923Taurus G3 9mm
June 14, 2024128CANIK METE MC9 9mm OPT
June 15, 2024979Glock G45 9MM
June 16, 202453Glock G20 10M
June 17, 2024377Glock G26 9MM
June 18, 2024151Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan 44M
June 19, 2024537S&W M&P 5.7
June 20, 2024169Walther PD380
June 21, 2024492S&W M&P 9mm Compact
June 22, 2024526SIG P320 9mm
June 23, 2024125SIG P365 380ACP
June 24, 2024149Tisas 1911 DUTY 45acp
June 25, 202434Taylor Gunfighter 45LC
June 26, 2024455Colt Anaconda 44mag 4.25 bbl
June 27, 2024990Auto Ordinance 1911 9MM GI Spec
June 28, 2024726SIG P938 Legion 9mm
June 29, 2024493Bond Arms Cyclops 45-70
June 30, 202478Taurus 905 9mm BLK