Rec Pistol Scores

July 11, 2015
Match Results – Combined

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#1 Mark Timney
#2 Joe Obenberger
#3 Mark Carey

Most Accurate Shooter
Ed Cialek

Total Match Penalties:

Target Points Down (PD) – 1,016

Key to Penalties:

PD – Target Points Down. Each point down adds 1/2 second to your score.

NT – Hit on Non Threat target. Each HNT adds 5 seconds to your score.

PE – Procedural Error. Each adds 3 seconds to your score.

FN – Failure to Neutralize (no hits in the 0 or -1 zone) Each adds 5 seconds to your score.

Key to Abbreviations:

CDP – Custom Defensive Pistol, such as 1911.

Must be .45 ACP with maximum magazine load of 8 rounds

ESP – Enhanced Service Pistol, single action or SA/DA such as H&K P7 or CZ-75 or Springfield XD

SSP – Stock Service Pistol, double action or ‘Safe Action’ such as Glock or SIG

ESR – Enhanced Service Revolver, rimmed or rimless ammo, full moon clip, power factor of 165,000

SSR – Stock Service Revolver, rimmed case ammo, no full moon clips