Shamrock Personal Defense LLC

Our Motto:
“Providing Realistic Defensive Firearms Training To Those Who Take Their Personal Safety Seriously”

Christopher Sullivan
Owner/Lead Instructor

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About the Instructor:
Chris Sullivan is a New England native and local to the Keene area for 20 plus years. Educated in Defensive Firearms Instruction through the I.C.E. Training Company and Teaching the Concepts & Principles of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program. Bringing Realistic Defensive FIrearms Training to the everyday citizen and helping our community to be safer smarter gun owners are of the utmost importance to him and his wife Jenny. Chris is an active member of the Cheshire County Shooting Sports & Education Foundation and currently holds both the Assistant Chief Training Officer and Vice Chairman positions on the Board of Directors. 

Course Descriptions-

-Fundamentals of Concealed Carry
This is a course for the student who wishes to learn the fundamentals of concealed carry and defensive shooting.

The classroom portion is brief and is completed at the range facility followed up with the fundamentals of defensive shooting.

A realistic live fire simulation will conclude the class to test the student on the skills learned throughout the day, followed by a brief evaluation by the instructor.

This course is designed to educate the student on the handguns best for concealed carry, how to carry them safely and how to deploy and use them efficiently in the context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. This is a beginner to experienced level defensive shooting class based on the concepts and principles of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting Program as taught by the I.C.E. Training Company.

The context of the course is a Lethal Threat at 2 arms reach or more in a public space. 

What you will learn:
-Realistic Defensive Skills
-Kinesthetically Aligned Defensive Shooting
-Balance of Speed and Precision
-Warrior Expert Theory
-Plausibility Principle and how it dictates training
-Critical Incident Reload
-Lateral Movement
-Counter Ambush Methodology
-Presentation from the holster
-Realistic Multiple Target Engagement
-Deviation Control
-Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting
-Awareness, Avoidance & De-escalation

-Fundamentals of Armed Home Defense
This class is designed to educate the student about Home Defense Tactics, the best firearms for Home Defense and how to use them efficiently in the context of an imminent home invasion or other threatening situation. You will learn the necessary skills and tactics to defend yourself and your loved ones from an invader in the home.

The context of the course is the imminent threat of a Home Invasion with the potential of a lethal threat beyond two arms reach or more.

The shooting portion of this class is based on the concepts and principles of the Intuitive Defensive Shooting program & tactics taught by I.C.E. Training Company. This is an intuitive shooting program that works well with what the body does naturally.

The course will start with roughly 2 hrs of class and will move to the live fire and defensive shooting drills shortly after. 

What you will learn:
-Safety as a concept
-How the body’s natural reactions dictate training
-Realistic Defensive Skills
-Balance of Speed and Precision
-Kinesthetically Aligned Defensive Shooting
-Proper Use of Sights
-Critical Incident Reloads
-Staging vs Storage
-5 Fundamentals of Armed Home Defense
-Aftermath of a Defensive Shooting

-Introduction to Defensive Handgun Offered in Both Co-Ed and Women’s Only
Introduction to Defensive Handgun is an entry level Defensive Pistol course for the student who wishes to learn the Concepts and Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting and Handgun Manipulation.

What You Will Learn-
-Safety as a Concept
-How to choose the best defensive handgun
-The Plausibility Principle and how it dictates our training
-Skill Development Cycle
-How Target Shooting differs from Defensive Accuracy
-Multiple Defensive Shooting Drills to increase your Efficiency with your Defensive Firearm
-How to use the body’s Natural Reaction during a Dynamic Critical Incident.

-Dynamic Defensive Handgun 1 & 2 Day Courses
Dynamic Defensive Handgun is an Intuitive shooting course designed to help the student be more Efficient with a Defensive Firearm in the Context of a Dynamic Critical Incident. We will also cover the Physiological and Neurological Effects on the Body During Ambush Moments. 

This course is intense training in 1 & 2 day formats.  The course will cover the following topics:

-Fundamentals of Defensive Shooting & Intuitive Skill Development
-Defensive Accuracy
-Lateral Motion
-The Balance of Speed & Precision
-The Critical Incident Reload
-Volume of Fire
-Realistic Training for Multiple Target Engagement
-Understanding the Body’s Natural Reactions during a Dynamic Critical Incident.
-The Skill Development Cycle
-One Handed & Weak Handed Shooting
-Non-Diagnostic Linear Malfunction Clearing

Students will fire a minimum of 800 rounds. Students are welcomed to bring more ammunition, there are specific drills that round count may be increased.