Defensive Carbine Level 1 – Seth Wish

If you own a carbine and plan to use it for personal protection or home defense, this class if for you.

Students will be challenged with “stress testing” including par times, multiple target scenarios and timed competitive scenarios.   (AR and AK platform rifles are appropriate for this class).   Paper and steel targets will be used. Students will have the opportunity to shoot a significant number of rounds (500+) while developing speed, accuracy and mobility.

Course Topics:
• Shooting on the move
• Shooting from cover
• Transitions from Carbine to Pistol
• Shooting under stress (Par times with shot timers)
• Accuracy drills (trigger press, sight picture and sight alignment)
• Malfunction clearance drills (type1, type 2 and type 3).
• “Point shooting” and CQC concepts of close contact shooting
• Speed and tactical reloads
• Verbal commands

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