Formerly Ladies’ Pistol

Women’s Introduction to Handguns

This class is for the women shooter who has never handled a gun or has very limited experience. This class is focused on the basic shooting fundamentals. It will give you the stepping stones to move upward in your training.
You will need a serviceable semi-automatic pistol in good working condition and about 350 rounds of factory ammunition. If you do not have a pistol we do have loaners.
The first class will be April 20th at 2:00pm to about 6:00 pm.
This will be a small class limited to 6 people. Please email Sharon at for more information or to register for the class.

Women’s Shooting League

WSL are small groups of women, divided by were they are at with their training. Each month each group will learn a new fundamental skill that we will continue to build on through the season.
The idea behind WSL is to have the student commit to coming monthly, this will allow the student to progress with the other students through the season. As more participants join I will form new groups so the current students can continue to move forward with their training.
Because we are going to be building skills each month based on the prior month this is not a class for the raw beginner shooter. If you are a raw beginner you will need to take the Introduction to Handguns class or take a private with Sharon. This will bring you up to speed to join one of the groups.
WSL will meet on the first Saturday of every month starting May 4th . The Blue group is a closed group of shooters they will start at 8:00. Initially everyone else will shoot in the Green group which will start at 11:00.
Please email Sharon  for more information or to reserve your spot.