A Brand New Shooting Sport for Rimfire Fun

Simple Silhouette is a modification of the NRA’s rifle silhouette matches. It’s been changed to speed up the event and make it easier for newer shooters to participate in. The event involves hitting four, 1/5th scale steel animal targets placed at 100 yards.

The largest of the targets, the Ram, is six inches from nose to tail and about 2.5” high. It is shot from an offhand position. The next largest target, the Pig, is about 4 inches from nose to tail. It is shot standing or kneeling with a supported rest off of a barrier or pole. The Turkey target is about three inches wide and is shot from a sitting or kneeling position. The smallest target, the Chicken, is only a couple inches wide. It is shot from a prone position.

Competitors fire ten shots at each target—four ‘strings’ of fire—for a total of 40 rounds. The targets are made of steel and are mounted so they will swing when hit and make a nice ‘ping’ sound. There is a three minute time limit for each string, but shooters have a break between animals to prepare for the next string.

There are three classes of firearms: ‘Sporter,’ ‘Smallbore’ and ‘Open.’ The Sporter class is for .22lr rifles weighing less than eight pounds (including optics) that use factory barrels and lack stock adjustment capabilities other than for length. The Smallbore class is for those who shoot single shot, NRA-type smallbore rifles with iron sights. The Open class is for all other rifles.

A sling may be used for everything but the offhand string. Open class shooters may use a bipod for the prone position on the Chicken target. Smallbore competitors may wear shooting coats, but Open and Sporter class shooters can only wear light weight shooting vests (like those worn for shotgun sports) if they choose to.

Almost any .22 rifle with a scope is sufficient for the Sporter class. Ruger 10/22s will likely prove popular. You might want to use a better grade of ammo than what you’ll find at a discount store, but it’s not absolutely essential. Suitable firearms and ammo for the other two classes will require a little more ‘buck’ for the bang.

The fee for the event is $10 for adults, and those under the age of 18 can shoot for free. Time permitting, there will be at least two rounds of shooting. Watch for announcement of the specific times for the matches on the Foundation’s website.

May 7 (noon)
June 18. 2:00 p.m.
July 2 (a.m.)
August 6 (p.m.)
Sept. 3 (p.m.)
See master calendar for specific times.

Primary Contact
Mark Timney