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High Power Clinic for New Long Range Shooters

The Cheshire County Shooting Sports Education Foundation will present a New Shooter Clinic On Sunday, April 25th From 9AM to 4PM

Join us at the clubhouse. There is a modest fee to cover range costs.

Topics: SAFETY
Basic equipment requirements
Range procedures
Basic shooting techniques
Live Fire Practice

Our new Shot Marker electronic targets will be used.  Please bring a smart phone or tablet with Google Chrome to connect to the system.  If you don’t have one don’t worry we will share.

On the firing line, we will demonstrate what was discussed.  We will then divide into two person teams.  One person will shoot and the other will score and coach, then switch places.  Please bring about 60 rounds of ammo.  There should enough time to shoot several relays.

We will finish back in the club house for questions and feedback.

There are two loaner rifles for those without equipment. Ammo is available for those guns at $15.00 per box of 20 rounds.  For those who want to use their own rifle please stop by the 200 yard line on a preceding Saturday at 10AM  (weather permitting). A 600 yard zero will be established for your gun.  If you are shooting 5.56mm/.223 rem the minimum bullet weight is 69 grains.

We may have time (no guarantee ) to get your rifle sighted in on the day of the clinic, however, I would urge you to get that done beforehand.

Contact me with any questions and to reserve a spot. 



Pete  De Santis
603 721-1985

Clinic Shooters: $25.00       Experienced Shooters: $10.00

Come and Join Us!