Important Notice

The Carbine Bay Is Out Of Service Until Further Notice Except For Instructor Lead And Law Enforcement Training.

This Bay Should Be Operational  By Early May.

We apologize for the inconvenience
Jack Commerford
Chief Range Safety Officer

Important Notice


May 23, 2020 2pm – 7pm
May 24, 2020 2pm – 6pm

This course is free for CCSSEF members only who agree to 2 year commitment to be on our RSO weekend rotation roster one Saturday or Sunday once a month. We would also need extra RSO coverage for special events such as Women On Target, LFOD Shoot, and our Open House. If you want to take this course and not make a 2 year commitment the cost is $125.00 Cash or Check made out to CCSSEF. You can stop by the Clubhouse and deposit your payment in the Drop Box on the wall between the trophy cases.

Information we need from you’
Name as you want it on you certificate
NRA # if you have one
Snail Mail Address
Email Address
Phone #

To register for this course,or questions send an email to:  Jack

Jack Commerford

Important Notice 
Winchester Indoor Shooting Range

Range Closed Until Further Notice By E.L.M.M. 

Located at the E.L.M. Memorial Community Center
21 Durkee St. Winchester, NH 03470


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Important NoticeAIM Junior Trap Shooters

Check out our AIM ATA Junior Trap Shooters program at the Ferry Brook Range featured on NH’s Wildside.

Important Notice Remember our Range Rules!

Please remember that according to the CCSSEF Range Rules, eye and ear protection are required on all ranges for both shooters and spectators. Safety glasses and disposable ear protection are available for purchase in the clubhouse.

The main gate may be left open while you are using the CCSSEF facilities. Make certain that, if you are the first person to open the gate, you secure the gate in the full open position by attaching the rope on each side of the gate to their respective retaining poles. If you are the last person to leave the CCSSEF facilities, make sure that you lock the gate behind you.

Clubhouse Door and Gate

Current members have the combination that will unlock the clubhouse, as well as the gate.

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Please check out the National Shooting Sports Foundation Firearms Safety Initiative
by clicking on their logo below. The Foundation is an affiliate of the NSSF and we support this program.
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