Blue – U

This basic, foundational seminar will provide you with what you need to know, and how you need to think before using any force on another human being, as well as what you will need to be able to articulate should you ever find yourself in that unfortunate position. The knowledge that you will gain from this seminar will form a foundation in making responsible, ethical, well-thought out, and safer Use of Force decisions – More Quickly! <<Learn More>>

Ladies Pistol

Ladies Pistol is an educational activity we are proud to offer.  The 3rd Saturday of every month, women meet at the range to socialize while practicing and further developing their skills under the supervision of certified firearms instructors Sophie Chapman and Rick Fuller. <<Learn More>>

Next Evolution Training, LLC

Michael Hagan is the Principal Founder of Next Evolution Training, LLC. Mike offers 5 live-training seminars featuring Basic Rifle, Defensive Rifle, Advanced Defensive Rifle, Skill Builder Rifle and Patrol Rifle/Pistol. Skills range from new shooters to professional security, law enforcement and military. <<Learn More>>

Women on Target

Women on Target Clinics have been offered twice a year since 2006.  To date, more than 800 Women in the NH, MA, VT area have taken our Phase I Clinic.  At an affordable cost, 30 women will experience shooting a pistol, a rifle, and a shotgun in this intimidation-free clinic.  It is designed for those who have never held a firearm or have limited experience.  Though not a class, it is a great way to meet other women and get a taste of the shooting sports! <<Learn More>>


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